Ardell Demi Wispies (Review)

A closed box of Ardell Demi Wispies fake lashes

Cost: $2 at Madame Madeline – $5 most retail/drug stores

Where to buy: Madame Madeline (cheap bulk orders), CVS, Rite-Aid, Sallys etc.

Made of: Real human hair



Simply put, Ardell Demi Wispies are the perfect “pretty” lash to suit any sort of makeup style or look. I love them and they’re a celebrity and makeup artist favorite. Quick disclaimer: since these photos were taken some time ago, Ardell has slightly changed the style of Demi Wispies to more of a straight blunt cut.

Final Verdict: They’re the perfect American-branded fake lash for beginners, as they’re easy to get your hands on and no matter your makeup style you can’t go wrong with these. Absolutely fool proof and safe. Also they’re fairly easy to find and can be purchased in person at most large drugstores.

Daiso Eyelash Glue Review (black)

A small tube of Daiso's black eyelash glueBrand: Daiso

Cost: $1.50

In addition to selling a variety of synthetic fake lashes, Daiso also offers a decent selection of lash adhesives.

This eyelash glue comes in the perfect purse-friendly size, and comes in both clear and black.

Female fingers with pink polish holding a bottle of Daiso lash adhesive



  • Small, travel-friendly size
  • Affordable, only $1.50 in Daiso stores
  • Wand functions as an application tool


  • Only available for purchase in Daiso stores
  • The wand looks flexible but is actually very stiff-like a stick. This makes it hard to pick up a good amount of glue.
The wand or applicator for Daiso's lash adhesive

Close-up of the applicator tool

Final Verdict: I think this lash glue falls far behind both Duo and Darkness’ Lash glue. The brush is handy but it’s so stiff that it doesn’t pick up enough glue, and by the time you sweep it on the glue has already dried on one side. It’s significantly better than the glues that come with most fake lashes but not something I’d want to use outside of a back up. I experienced a lot of lifting in only a few short hours. Save your money and buy a better glue!